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April 10, 2021

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April 15, 2021

Call for papers
Topics include but are not limited to

Fibrous reinforcement
Glass fiber
Special glass fiber
Carbon fiber
Boron fiber
Silicon carbide fiber
Alumina fiber
Aramid fiber
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber
Metal fiber
Composite reinforcement
Composite design principle
Material design of composite materials
Structural design of composite materials
Mechanical properties design of composite materials
Integrated design of composite materials - material-process-design
Composite interface
Interface of polymer matrix composites
Metal matrix composite interface
Ceramic matrix composite interface
Polymer matrix composite
Metal matrix composite
Aluminum matrix composite
Magnesium matrix composite
Titanium matrix composite
Copper matrix composite
Ceramic matrix composite
Fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite
Short fiber, whisker and particle toughened ceramic matrix composites
Carbon/carbon composite
Functional composite
Permanent magnet composite
Soft magnetic composite
Magnetic recording composite
Magnetic fluid
Conductive composite
Material compounding principle
Polymer-based conductive composite
Ceramic-based conductive composite
Metal-based conductive composite
Electrical shielding composite
Superconducting composite
Friction functional composite
Friction composite
Antifriction composite
Damping functional composite
Gradient functional composite
Piezoelectric composite
Thermal functional composite
Stealth composite
Light functional composite
Biomimetic composite
Surface treatment of reinforcing materials
Polymer structure
Macromolecular chain structure
Aggregate structure of polymer
Crystalline polymer
Polymer matrix for composite materials
Epoxy resin
Unsaturated polyester
Phenolic resin
Furan resin
Silicone resin
High performance thermoplastic resin
Manufacturing process and method for matrix polymer matrix composite
Mechanical properties of polymer matrix composites
Thermoset composite
Thermoplastic composite
Application of polymer matrix composites in aerospace industry
Application of polymer matrix composites in other industrial products
Composite materials
Composite process equipment
Materials science
Experimental technology of composite materials
high polymer chemistry
Polymer physics
Thermal foundation and equipment
Composite technology
Composite polymer base
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry
University physics
inorganic chemistry
Material surface and interface
Application of modern testing technology in composite materials

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